• Pros and Cons Of Personal Bankruptcy

    Pros and Cons of Personal Bankruptcy

    http://shawdefense.com/houston-bankruptcy-attorneyFiling for bankruptcy is a major life decision and it has to be handled with utmost care and concern. That means that you should seek out professional representation so that you fully understand your options, says our Houston legal expert.  Meet attorney Shaw of Shaw defense as early as possible to sort through your options.

    There are pros and cons of personal bankruptcy. Though the process help get relief from debts it does come with its own baggage of concerns.

    Pros of personal bankruptcy

    The first advantage is that it can discharge of your debts. This means that you are not liable to repay these debts and are no longer held responsible for them. This is a legal solution to waive your bills, Chapter 7 can give you complete relief from debts while Chapter 13 allows you to consolidate your debts into a single monthly payment. This repayment can be done based on your current income status and liabilities. This becomes more manageable. The court issues automatic stay notice once you file for bankruptcy which means that creditors cannot collect debts from you. This puts an end to repayment letters, phone calls and summons statements.

    Moreover bankruptcy does not leave you without any assets. Under Chapter 7 filing bankruptcy exemptions are given. This means assets cannot be seized under this filing. You can still own your house, valuables, jewelry, clothes and other personal items  within certain limits. The good news is that you cannot be fired from your job for filing bankruptcy. You will want a good Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.

    Cons of personal bankruptcy

    Though you may be relieved from most of your debts, it is not a complete relief as you still has some debts to be cleared and these include, paying recent back taxes, student loans, alimony and child support and penalties owed to the government. Though you can hold on to your exempt property under Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, non-exempt property is lost. This could include house, cash, stocks and bonds, and house. The biggest disadvantage is that it can tarnish your credit records for 10 years. This could make it all the more difficult to apply for new loans in the future. Even if a loan is sanction you may have to pay high rate of interest for the poor scores registered in your credit records.

    Bankruptcy does not come cheap, you have to pay filing fees, credit counseling charges, attorney fees, bankruptcy trustee free and more. Moreover it can hamper your reputation. Though it is seen as a debt solution when you are left with a meager income to hardly run your family, it should always be looked as a final resort.

  • Do You Need An Attorney For Your DUI Case?

    DUI ChargesA DUI case can get your life off track. If you have been handling your own arraignment, it is time you switch to a reliable DIU attorney who can get you out of the legal mess. Explaining your case to a lawyer and getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of your case can definitely put you in a safe position. An expert advice is worth all the trouble. Depending upon the severity of the case, it is best to opt for legal advice.

    Plea Bargain

    Hiring a lawyer can be beneficial when there is scope for a plea bargain. In case the BAC test levels are just above 0.08 then there are chances that the prosecution may change the charge from DUI to something lesser offensive. The best DUI lawyer in Orlando can negotiate to bring your charges down to a much less serious offense. Reckless driving is possible such plea that is easier for a lawyer to fall back on when winning a DUI case seems remote.

    Most states provide the assistance of a public defender for people who are economically backward. Others have to depend on a private attorney for a good plea bargain. Moreover, an attorney with a good reputation and credibility with the prosecutor’s office stand a high chance of getting a quick and favorable plea bargain. This way you can be devoid of the hassles of appearing before the prosecutor for innumerable number of time and get a reasonable plea bargain.

    Remember if you need to go to trial, attorney‘s office is the best place to start. Approach an attorney with a decent trial record and who can understand your pressures. Trials can be steep and can take away much of your time and peace of mind. Leave it to the experienced and heave a sigh of relief. Check with the National College of DUI Defense for the right assistance.

  • Were You Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence?

    Domestic Violence ChargesIf you find yourself falsely accused of ANY crime, there’s an obvious need for outstanding representation.  But in the case of , the seriousness of the allegations and the potential to damage your reputation and disrupt your career and custody of your children make it extremely important that your counsel is top-notch.

    We asked the best domestic violence attorney in Orlando for a better understanding of the way they defend their clients.  Here’s a synopsis of what Grozinger Family Law had to say:

    Domestic violence regrettably is not uncommon. It involves a variety of different charges, but generally entails an ongoing or former intimate connection between the prey and suspect that results in allegations of physical and/or emotional wounds. The penalties for domestic violence also change based mainly upon the kind of affront, the injury inflicted, illegal past of the charged, and the age of the injured person.

    Some examples of domestic violence include assault, battery, stalking, child abuse and abandonment, elder abuse, and threats of physical violence.

    Targets of Domestic Violence

    Many domestic violence crimes concern spouses or former spouses who engage in disparaging behavior toward the other, which triggers one spouse striking the other and producing a visible injury. Charges for domestic violence may also be cited against dating partners, domestic partners, prior dating partners, or a cohabitant.

    Other offenses pertain to young children that are injured while being reprimanded by a parent, caretaker, or anyone trusted with a child’s supervision. Child endangerment also includes placing or authorizing the child to be in a high-risk situation, including allowing a partner to physically beat a child or to run a drug operation out of your house.

    Threats of violence that the victim perceives as planned to cause severe physical harm can be effected on any person. Within the framework of domestic violence, it would pertain to current or ex-spouses or dating partners, parents, children, and domestic partners.

    A domestic violence infraction can be charged as either a misdemeanor or perhaps felony with the penalties fluctuating greatly among the states.

    The difference between a misdemeanor charge and a felony commonly depends upon the severity of the damage and whether the defendant has a criminal history. Many states will also upgrade the offense if the victim is a minor.