Essentials of Practical Real Estate Law
ESSENTIALS OF PRACTICAL REAL ESTATE LAW, 5th edition is a concise, yet thorough examination of the most critical areas of real estate law. It employs a user-friendly approach to introducing important real property law concepts. The text details the transactional aspects of the law needed to assist attorneys with closing real estate purchases, sales, and mortgage loans secured by real estate. It includes case summaries that allow the reader to practice analytical skills and see how concepts are applied in practice. Each chapter includes practical assignments and a self-study examination to help reinforce understanding of the material contained in the chapter. The numerous forms and checklists also facilitate understanding of each concept and ensure that the reader is well prepared to work as a professional in real estate. The legal theory, tips, checklists, relevant forms, case summaries, and assignments assist in understanding how to successfully work in a real-world environment.
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Family Law: The Essentials
This newly redesigned edition of Family Law: The Essentials, 2E, provides accurate, concise coverage of family law with an emphasis on practical paralegal skills and technique. The text presents all the standard topics that must be covered in a family law course, but does so in a briefer format than the comprehensive Family Law by the same author. It is ideal for use in shorter courses or for courses that supplement a text with state-specific material.
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Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques, and Applications
Building on the success of their groundbreaking 1988 Divorce Mediation, Folberg et al. now present the latest state-of-the-art, comprehensive resource on family and divorce mediation. Paving the way for the field to establish its own distinct discipline and academic tradition, this authoritative volume offers chapters contributed by leading mediation researchers, trainers, and practitioners. Detailed are the theory behind mediation practice, the contemporary social and political context, and practical issues involved in mediating divorce and custody disputes with contemporary families. Authors also address intriguing questions about professional standards and where the field should go from here. A groundbreaking resource, this volume is indispensable for all mental health and legal professionals working with families in transition.
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  • Land-Use Planning: Spanning the Divide

    Urban land-use planning exists primarily to prevent conflicts in land use, by organizing the use of land within an urban environment in a manner that is both ethical and efficient. There are a wide variety of terms in play relating to such fields as urban planning and land-use planning, and they are often used interchangeably in a fashion that is not entirely accurate. One of the most widely accepted “general definitions” for land-use planning comes from Canada, which describes the practice as relating to the “scientific, aesthetic, and orderly disposition of land, resources, facilities and services with a view to securing the physical, economic and social efficiency, health and well-being of urban and rural communities.” (Canadian Institute of Planners, 2011).

    urban land-use planningWithin the United States specifically, there are several different recognized types of urban land-use planning. These are only roughly categorized due to the somewhat legally ambiguous nature of the word “planning,” but the following classifications are generally agreed upon by experienced experts in the field (do note, for the record, that only strategic and environmental planning remain in widespread use today).

    • Traditional planning: Also known as “comprehensive planning,” this discipline became common in the United States after the second world war. The endeavor is to emphasize rational distribution of land and lay down extremely precise and specific statements about how it may be used, to which end experts are deliberately sought out who are politically neutral to the region at hand – often being brought in from distant locations.
    • Systems planning: Systems planning came into existence through the wars in Korea and Vietnam, during which times rising popular discontent with the government – coupled with the unanticipated population growth of post-world-war baby boom – served to emphasize the shortcomings of traditional land-use planning. Systems planning focuses more on how land is used, and less on purely rational physical divisions being laid out precisely in advance.
    • Democratic planning: As the name would suggest, “democratic planning” incorporated a more broadly-based democratic process into the methodology of “systems planning.” Within a given community, a larger number of local citizens – from a more diverse range of racial and social origins, given the societal changes being wrought during the 1960s – had a say in planning for the literal layout of their futures.
    • Advocacy and Equity Planning: Picking up from where democratic planning left off, and continuing into the 1970s, A&E land-use planning sought to directly redress issues of inequality by increasing the racial diversity of those involved in planning local communities.
    • Strategic Planning: Strategic planning also has its origins in the 1960s, but it continues to this day. The spiritual offspring of systems planning, strategic planning offers greater recognition of small-scale objectives, while remaining focused on the “big picture” of a community’s future interactions with its surroundings.
    • Environmental planning: Also continuing unto the present day, environmental land-use planning is the first discipline to officially incorporate modern scientific understanding of the political and ecological effects of continuing urban development into its efforts as major points of focus.
  • Do You Need An Attorney For Your DUI Case?

    DUI ChargesA DUI case can get your life off track. If you have been handling your own arraignment, it is time you switch to a reliable DIU attorney who can get you out of the legal mess. Explaining your case to a lawyer and getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of your case can definitely put you in a safe position. An expert advice is worth all the trouble. Depending upon the severity of the case, it is best to opt for legal advice.

    Plea Bargain

    Hiring a lawyer can be beneficial when there is scope for a plea bargain. In case the BAC test levels are just above 0.08 then there are chances that the prosecution may change the charge from DUI to something lesser offensive. The best DUI lawyer in Orlando can negotiate to bring your charges down to a much less serious offense. Reckless driving is possible such plea that is easier for a lawyer to fall back on when winning a DUI case seems remote.

    Most states provide the assistance of a public defender for people who are economically backward. Others have to depend on a private attorney for a good plea bargain. Moreover, an attorney with a good reputation and credibility with the prosecutor’s office stand a high chance of getting a quick and favorable plea bargain. This way you can be devoid of the hassles of appearing before the prosecutor for innumerable number of time and get a reasonable plea bargain.

    Remember if you need to go to trial, attorney‘s office is the best place to start. Approach an attorney with a decent trial record and who can understand your pressures. Trials can be steep and can take away much of your time and peace of mind. Leave it to the experienced and heave a sigh of relief. Check with the National College of DUI Defense for the right assistance.

  • Were You Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence?

    Domestic Violence ChargesIf you find yourself falsely accused of ANY crime, there’s an obvious need for outstanding representation.  But in the case of , the seriousness of the allegations and the potential to damage your reputation and disrupt your career and custody of your children make it extremely important that your counsel is top-notch.

    We asked the best domestic violence attorney in Orlando for a better understanding of the way they defend their clients.  Here’s a synopsis of what Grozinger Family Law had to say:

    Domestic violence regrettably is not uncommon. It involves a variety of different charges, but generally entails an ongoing or former intimate connection between the prey and suspect that results in allegations of physical and/or emotional wounds. The penalties for domestic violence also change based mainly upon the kind of affront, the injury inflicted, illegal past of the charged, and the age of the injured person.

    Some examples of domestic violence include assault, battery, stalking, child abuse and abandonment, elder abuse, and threats of physical violence.

    Targets of Domestic Violence

    Many domestic violence crimes concern spouses or former spouses who engage in disparaging behavior toward the other, which triggers one spouse striking the other and producing a visible injury. Charges for domestic violence may also be cited against dating partners, domestic partners, prior dating partners, or a cohabitant.

    Other offenses pertain to young children that are injured while being reprimanded by a parent, caretaker, or anyone trusted with a child’s supervision. Child endangerment also includes placing or authorizing the child to be in a high-risk situation, including allowing a partner to physically beat a child or to run a drug operation out of your house.

    Threats of violence that the victim perceives as planned to cause severe physical harm can be effected on any person. Within the framework of domestic violence, it would pertain to current or ex-spouses or dating partners, parents, children, and domestic partners.

    A domestic violence infraction can be charged as either a misdemeanor or perhaps felony with the penalties fluctuating greatly among the states.

    The difference between a misdemeanor charge and a felony commonly depends upon the severity of the damage and whether the defendant has a criminal history. Many states will also upgrade the offense if the victim is a minor.

  • Pros and Cons Of Personal Bankruptcy

    Pros and Cons of Personal Bankruptcy for bankruptcy is a major life decision and it has to be handled with utmost care and concern. That means that you should seek out professional representation so that you fully understand your options, says our Houston legal expert.  Meet attorney Shaw of Shaw defense as early as possible to sort through your options.

    There are pros and cons of personal bankruptcy. Though the process help get relief from debts it does come with its own baggage of concerns.

    Pros of personal bankruptcy

    The first advantage is that it can discharge of your debts. This means that you are not liable to repay these debts and are no longer held responsible for them. This is a legal solution to waive your bills, Chapter 7 can give you complete relief from debts while Chapter 13 allows you to consolidate your debts into a single monthly payment. This repayment can be done based on your current income status and liabilities. This becomes more manageable. The court issues automatic stay notice once you file for bankruptcy which means that creditors cannot collect debts from you. This puts an end to repayment letters, phone calls and summons statements.

    Moreover bankruptcy does not leave you without any assets. Under Chapter 7 filing bankruptcy exemptions are given. This means assets cannot be seized under this filing. You can still own your house, valuables, jewelry, clothes and other personal items  within certain limits. The good news is that you cannot be fired from your job for filing bankruptcy. You will want a good Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.

    Cons of personal bankruptcy

    Though you may be relieved from most of your debts, it is not a complete relief as you still has some debts to be cleared and these include, paying recent back taxes, student loans, alimony and child support and penalties owed to the government. Though you can hold on to your exempt property under Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, non-exempt property is lost. This could include house, cash, stocks and bonds, and house. The biggest disadvantage is that it can tarnish your credit records for 10 years. This could make it all the more difficult to apply for new loans in the future. Even if a loan is sanction you may have to pay high rate of interest for the poor scores registered in your credit records.

    Bankruptcy does not come cheap, you have to pay filing fees, credit counseling charges, attorney fees, bankruptcy trustee free and more. Moreover it can hamper your reputation. Though it is seen as a debt solution when you are left with a meager income to hardly run your family, it should always be looked as a final resort.

  • Chicago Has Outstanding DUI Defense Attorneys

    chicago dui

    If you are charged with DUI, you may feel tempted to seek the help of any attorney; worse still, you may feel prompted not to look for any legal advice at all. Both alternatives present great risks given your present situation. Similarly, if a loved one has been charged with DUI, you should focus and keep a clear head and look for the best Chicago DUI attorneys.

    What is DUI?

    Any act of dangerous driving may be considered as being caused by DUI. Consequently, a driver may be charged with this crime (or misdemeanor) accordingly. A DUI may involve the suspension of your driving privileges in many cases. For example, if the driver’s breath, blood or urine test were positive, the Illinois Secretary of State would suspend the driver’s license for at least, six months. If on the accused did not accept to take the test, their license would be removed for over a year. Last but not least, a DUI charge may result in criminal prosecution which may eventually end in conviction. This is why a charge with DUI must be dealt with by the most dedicated and professional lawyers in Chicago.

    Gruszeczki & Smith Law

    Who are they?

    Both Michael Gruszeczki and Dustin Smith have been prosecutors. Therefore, they have a wide experience on the way both police and prosecutors work. Moreover, they know exactly what arguments will be put forward by the prosecution and what type of evidence will be presented and how. They are also familiar with the different procedures involved in each case, such as investigative techniques, tests and above all, the different ways in which the police testify at court. All this expertise combined together has endowed attorneys at Gruszeczki & Smith with the power to analyze each case with a deeper insight than most average lawyers would.

    What to expect?

    From the very moment you get in touch with these attorneys, you begin to feel the safety and assurance that only sound professionals can provide. Rest assured that they have only one purpose in mind: to get a non-guilty verdict. Since many scenarios are possible, this goal is sometimes achieved through other means. For example, in many cases a trial is not even necessary and the accused is dismissed without even losing their driver’s license. In many other cases, the trial actually takes place, but the experts are able to find flaws in the procedures and obtain interesting plea bargains in return. Whatever the case, the driver must know that they will be carefully informed all throughout the procedure. Unlike many other legal professionals who keep their clients in the dark concerning their approach, with Gruszeczki & Smith traffic defense you will get all the information you need and more. This close contact with clients helps to relief stress and cast the shadows away. Also, clients feel that they are being a part of the process themselves by knowing what comes next. Many testimonials mention this quality as helping to reduce fear and increase optimism.

  • Get a Traffic Law Attorney to Protect your Rights in Court

    Chicago traffic law expert attorney

    Traffic violations are perhaps the most frequent reason for facing some kind of legal action. Eight out of ten American citizens have already faced or will face charges of traffic violations at one point in their lives. Even when there are many different types of traffic violations, the most common ones involve either driving while having a revoked or suspended license, DUI or other types of minor traffic issues. Whatever the charge, the best way to handle this situation is by hiring a Chicago traffic law expert attorney.

    Why should I hire a Traffic Law Expert?

    There are many reasons to counsel with a professional lawyer. The most obvious one is because they can ensure that your case will be dealt with efficiency and clarity. Also, you should keep in mind that if you have been charged with a traffic violation, neither the law enforcement officials, neither the prosecutors are on your side. You stand pretty much alone, unless you hire your own attorney for the defense.

    Why Gruszeczki and Smith?

    Gruszeczki and Smith law attorneys have all the training and experience that your case could need. As they have been prosecutors themselves, they are able to offer experienced legal representation based on the knowledge they gathered while working as prosecutors. Interestingly enough, their approach is based on two premises: either the process has been full of flaws and can be easily challenged, or the essential constitutional rights have been challenged. Either way, they have the knowledge and experience to work with these issues to your favor.

    When should I call Gruszeczki and Smith?

    As was stated earlier, there are many reasons why you would need a traffic law attorney. However, on occasions, you may need to counsel with a professional attorney without facing a traffic violation. If you have already had a suspension of driving privileges or lost your driver’s license, you may feel that it is high time you solved the issue. The bad news is that sometimes the Secretary of State does not make it easy to get your license back. Furthermore, many undocumented residents must face the challenge of living in the US without being able to drive. Driving under these conditions will only make matters worse. This is why hiring Gruszeczki and Smith criminal law experts can help you to clean your record. Moreover, they can help you to apply for a valid license if you have never had one, yet.

    If you are already on the verge of standing trial, you will find that the help of a criminal attorney is essential to success. Only an aggressive, well-trained lawyer is able to challenge procedures, dismiss evidence or negotiate successfully. You cannot run the risk of a poor legal representation. Remember a traffic violation may eventually lead you to face time in jail or prison. A conviction of this type is not only challenging to your emotional life, but also to your personal economy. Convicted felons find it much more difficult to get ahead in life regarding education, job or personal opportunities.

  • The Benefits of Hiring a Solid Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Criminal LawThis article will take you on a concise journey throwing some light on the diverse aspects of a criminal defense lawyer and how he acts a pillar of strength for the accused.

    A criminal defense lawyer really acts a backbone for his client as he solely counts on his skills and knowledge. Nobody wants to ever have a close encounter with a situation when he is held in custody as it proves to be a shocking experience not only for the person who is held captive but also for his family The humiliation that he faces by the public is surely upsetting. The arrest can dislocate his future growth opportunities and his family If you have been impeached with a serious criminal wrongdoing, you should commence searching for a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer. If due to some reason or the other, you find yourself landing in legal trouble, it is extremely crucial that you find a criminal lawyer who can represent you in court.

    An experienced criminal defense lawyer’s help should always be sought the moment you get summonsed of a criminal offence. It is exceptionally significant that you do not provide any statement to the police or prosecutors until you seek an advice from your lawyer. This is generally advocated because any unknown proclamation may prove to be detrimental for you and your case as well. You have to be certain that you acquire legal assistance from your criminal lawyer before the police file a charge sheet that would also consist of your statement.

    Nothing can deny the fact that often people decide to represent themselves in court when they are charged with a severe criminal wrongdoing. It proves to be miserable for them when the outcome is not in their favor. This is due to the fact that such people are unaware about the nitty-gritty pertaining to criminal law and eventually, they end up landing in legal intricacy. Hiring a criminal lawyer is vital when accused of a crime and facing a harsh prosecutor.

    A criminal defense lawyer would be able to help you attain triumph over your case in the following ways:

    • A knowledgeable lawyer would be able to deal with your case in an accurate proper, since he is equipped with all the necessary knowledge of all the better-quality facts of criminal law. If you are not able to obtain a criminal lawyer, you can request the court to provide you one who can represent you in court and fight on your behalf as well.

    • An experienced lawyer would not only provide you the legal representation in the court of law but also formulate a strong defense case by performing an extensive research on your case. If you are held accountable, he would be able to diminish the rigorousness and term of the punishment.

    We encourage you to check out the Grozinger Law Firm, a criminal defense attorney in Orlando, Florida with a tremendous amount of both success and experience.

  • Family Law: Defend Your Best Interests Through Divorce

    Family Law: Defend Your Best Interests Through DivorceMost people feel that divorce is one of those life stages nobody prepares you for. You have been schooled on relationship issues, on courting and even on marriage. In fact, many couples even take up pre-marital counseling! But when it comes to divorce: it is all one huge crash course. Unfortunately, what may take time to work out on a personal level; cannot be delayed in the legal field. Some aspects will be (and must be) sorted out more quickly than feelings. This is why looking for professional legal advice during this period may be vital to defend your best interests. Professional legal help, such as the one available on can make a difference between just being sad and being both sad and empty-handed.

    How can a Family Attorney help?

    Family lawyers at Pocklington Law offices know all about the many aspects involved in this legal area: child custody, alimony, spousal support, palimony, marriage annulment and division of property. They can also provide useful insight on cases involving LGBT rights. Another valuable contribution concerns time. I n California, a divorcing couple must wait a whole six months before the divorce is finally over. This means that for six months, people are forced to go through extremely stressful situations, such as court presentations. This lengthy process could be minimized with the help of a well-trained divorce lawyer.

    Defending your Best Interests

    But the waiting game means nothing next to more important aspects, such as child custody or spousal support. If you have been a stay-at-home parent for years and have had no other job, other than take care of the household or children, it would not be fair for you to be left destitute overnight. This issue can be settled when alimony is discussed. But since many divorcing couples face an ongoing battle over material possessions, this kind of settlement would not be possible without the professional and knowledgeable aid of a divorce lawyer. The same principle applies for child custody. If the couple’s children have been used to spending time with both parents, it would be unfair to deprive them of one of the spouse’s company. Settlements, like the ones involving joint custody or visiting arrangements can become more civilized just with the sole presence of the attorney. However and since most divorces involve some story concerning unfair treatment to one of the spouses, there may be times that settlements are not so easy to handle. Only an experienced family lawyer will be able to guide you through the deep waters of child custody issues. If there is any reason to think that the family children should not be with one of the parents, these legal professionals know just how to defend the children’s rights.

    To conclude, very few couples are able to agree in a harmonious way. Most of the times, people need aid through professional counseling. Remember, if you were unable to agree on certain unimportant issues when you were together, what makes you think that you will do it any better now: a family law attorney is the way to go.

  • What’s an Estate Planning Attorney?

    estate-planningAn estate planning attorney is a lawyer who specializes in the process of helping you to decide what to do with your material assets and any dependents you might have, in the event of your total disability or death. There are entire law firms which specialize in estate planning, and this isn’t because it’s particularly lucrative or sound in the face of the many other legal specializations in existence. Estate planning is something that most people find to be extremely uncomfortable; they don’t like the idea of confronting the eventuality of their own deaths, so they let it slide, and there is – unfortunately – an abundance of “common wisdom” which tells them that this is perfectly alright; “you don’t need a plan for your estate unless you’re elderly.” “You don’t need a plan for your state unless you’re independently wealthy.” “You don’t need to worry about this – the state will handle it.”

    The state will handle it – but any lawyer or other legal expert will tell you that you aren’t going to like how that goes down. If the state handles the processing of your estate after your death, your assets and possessions – whatever those might be – are going to be liquidated. The thing about liquidating assets is that it involves reducing them into cash as quickly as possible. If you have a property that’s worth three hundred thousand dollars, you aren’t going to get three hundred thousand dollars for it through liquidating – particularly if the state handles the process for you. You might get twenty thousand dollars, maybe thirty. Your spouse, and any dependent loved ones, are going to be left high and dry and without recourse, should something happen to you when you’re young enough for that to be a consideration.

    Are you a single parent? If you don’t have estate planning in place that includes provisions for who is going to take care of your children after you are gone, the state will determine in detached and impersonal fashion exactly what it considers to be best for them. Immediate relatives and friends are not likely to have any say in the matter. Lawyers make people uncomfortable, as does the prospect of considering their own vulnerability – not to mention their mortality, but in this case a licensed legal counselor will be able to avert an enormous amount of confusion and uncertainty in advance of what is certain to already be a difficult and painful situation for your survivors. Whatever degree of reassurance and peace of mind you can provide through taking the step of determining in advance how you want your assets to be divided, and who you want to have take care of your children, is absolutely worth the cost of soliciting legal advice from a trained and experienced attorney. The price of a few moments of discomfort is a small one to pay, before you allow your lawyer to reassure you of the wisdom and necessity of the decisions you are making now (in lieu of allowing someone who neither knows nor cares about you to make them later).